It's probably the best-known Super Bowl commercial of all time.

"Mean Joe" Greene and the kid with a Coke.

That was 1979.

Today, "Mean Joe" is helping to sell... Downy?

Check it out!

Virtually everyone has seen the classic Coca-Cola commercial from 1979's Super Bowl (The Steelers defeated the Cowboys 35-31 FYI). Pittsburgh Steeler "Mean Joe" Greene starred as himself walking defeatedly into the locker room-- heck, just watch!

"Have a Coke and a smile".  The thing still gets to me after all these years!

Well apparently I'm not the only one with nostalgia for that commercial. The folks at Downy have enlisted Mr. Greene, reprising his role, and comedienne Amy Sedaris from Comedy Central's "Strangers with Candy" fame to pitch Downy's Unstoppables. I don't know what Unstoppables are either. Maybe watching the commercial will help!

"Last time I'm doin' this..." Classic. Charles Edward "Mean Joe" Greene will be 66 this September- he looks great! Amy is hysterical: "Take it Joe, take it!"

Lots of others have parodied the old Coke commercial; most notably- Coke themselves!

They are all good, but let me ask you this--