The last time I shared my experience of staying a ski town with you, my accommodations were a little less...spacious. That was when I was sleeping in my car near the base of the mountain.

This time, we pooled our collective financial power and stayed in a mansion. In Vail. In March. Life is good.

Every year I take an annual guys trip to a mountain of choice with my childhood friends from Western PA. This year, we chose Vail. While the snow is definitely better in Steamboat, we still had some nice digs.


The best part was just staying in the mansion. However, I have to say the price was right. With everyone having a bed (if we were couples it would have been even cheaper), I paid just about $100 per night. There is nary a hotel room to be found during the ski season for that price. In fact, it's hard to find a room for that price anytime of the year in West Vail on the bus route.

And we're into many people's favorite time of year for skiing and snowboarding. The already mild March is here, and it makes the mountain even more fun.