It doesn't seem to matter if you've lived in Northern Colorado 20 years, 20 days or 20 hours, firework violations within the city limits seem to go along with the Fourth of July.

Fourth of July Fireworks, Are Yours Legal? D Dennison

Who doesn't like a good fireworks show, but it's really important to leave it up to the professionals. As part of the age old Fourth of July celebration, the day isn't complete without hotdogs, potato salad and sparklers, multicolored fountains and screamin' chickens. Enjoy your family, eat your weight in hotdog's and potato salad, but unless you want a whopping fine, don't dive into the fireworks.


  • Fort Collins: All fireworks are ILLEGAL. Think a snake or a dancing butterfly are harmless, think again. All fireworks mean all fireworks in Fort Collins are illegal and if caught you could find yourself in municipal court and facing hefty fines, up to $2,650.
  • Loveland:  There are legal fireworks in Loveland and they include sparklers, fountains, smoke balls and a variety of novelty items like. Most cities in Colorado have a different set of rules and regulations when it comes to fireworks. It is always best to ask your local law enforcement before discharging any fireworks.
  • Greeley: Yes, there are some fireworks that are legal in Greeley. The city classifies 'legal' fireworks as consumer fireworks, meaning fireworks intended for personal use such as, spinners, sparklers, snakes and fountains.

Illegal fireworks in both the City of Greeley and the State of Colorado include many types which can be purchased in the State of Wyoming and include bottle rockets, roman candles, and exploding fireworks such as firecrackers and M-80s. In fact, it is illegal to even bring them across the border and posses them in Colorado. If caught, they may be confiscated and/or a summons issued. In reviewing fireworks associated problems and complaints from past 4th of July seasons, it is clear that this category of fireworks is responsible for the vast majority of negative incidents such as landscaping fires, grass/field fires, building fires, and general citizen complaints. -City of Greeley

If you want to report firework violations, DO NOT call 9-1-1. Call your local law enforcement non-emergency number.