Yesterday, the Fort Collins City Council passed a seven-month freeze on all gas and oil development in Fort Collins, including fracking.

There has been a lot of pressure from residents to impose the moratorium, and even an outright ban, following concerns that fracking harms the environment and contaminates the water supply.

According to the Coloradoan, the Council voted 6-0 in support of the moratorium, after being addressed by 23 members of the community.

The "freeze" will begin Dec. 28th, and last through July 31st.

In the meantime, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will forge regulations around fracking regarding water quality and monitoring and setbacks from occupied structures. And the state Legislature, which meets between January and May, is in Democratic control for the first time in two years and widely considered more receptive to expanding local authority over oil and gas than it had been when Republicans shared control.

[via The Coloradoan.]

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