When I moved into my house, the neighborhood was 'on its way up'. I didn't exactly know what that meant. And then I saw about a dozen cute old bungalows scraped to the ground to make way for 2 story modern houses. Having lived in one of those 'cute old bungalows', many of the modern homes look pretty good to me. However, we have seen some homes go up that don't seem appropriate for their space, or our street.

So, people now have a way to see what will be happening around them.

City Introduces New Ways to Track Development Changes in Your Neighborhood

Development in Fort Collins has picked up speed! Whether you’ve noticed buildings under construction, or the bright yellow sign, or received a letter in the mail about a neighborhood meeting, the community is always changing. And, we are striving to make your participation in changes to your neighborhoods easier to track and understand. For most of us, the “Development Proposal” sign is the first clue to potential changes in the neighborhood. Every sign has a number; this number is just one of many ways to track down information about a development proposal on the new online hub fcgov.com/DevelopmentProposals.

Whether you like maps, videos, searchable tables or email notifications, the hub has several options for you. Use your computer, smart phone or tablet to:

-       Peruse a table of all development proposals underway. You can access development plans, see how far along a project is, and look up a project by map, keyword, address or sign number. It’s searchable, sortable and linked to all available public documents.

-       Check out any notifications and agendas for neighborhoods meetings, hearings, and conceptual reviews.

-       Read the Citizen’s Role in Development Review and understand the process.

-       View any public documents related to a development proposal on CityDocs.

-       Check out what the Planning & Zoning Board is deliberating with agendas, minutes and videos. Tune into Cable 14, too.

-       Like maps? Navigate to FCMaps and see or locate proposals on a map. Zoom in to your block or take in the whole city.

-       Sign-up and read our weekly e-newsletter called This Week in Development Review. This email is chock full of development review proposals, meetings, hearing decisions and more.

-       Get contact information of our new neighborhood development review liaison, Sarah Burnett.


“We’ve incorporated many suggestions from residents in order to better engage citizens in their neighborhoods or with projects of interest to them,” states Laurie Kadrich, Community Development & Neighborhood Services Director. “This is a work in progress so we encourage you to use one or more of the new tools, and  let us know if you like it, and how we can further improve.”

For more information on the City’s efforts in development review, please visit fcgov.com/developmentreview or call 970-224-6076.