In the Beginning, there was a Quarry. The Quarry begot many structures in Fort Collins and surrounding areas, until 1949, when the Quarry begot Horsetooth Reservoir. The Reservoir begot many hydrated people, and later the Reservoir begot many smiling faces of people on jetskis, speedboats, waterskis, canoes, kayaks, and finally swimmers.

That is the long history leading up to the Horsetooth Swim in short form. In the most recent years, the Horsetooth Swim is just another reason that Fort Collins is showing up on the national radar. For athletic events, Fort Collins is becoming a destination for various sports. Swimmers in particular are flocking to the picturesque Horsetooth Reservoir for what is coming to be considered one of the best open water swims on the calendar.

The 2011 Horsetooth Swim is on Sunday, August 7 and they are allowing walk up registration for the 2.4 and 1.2 miles swims. There will also be 1000 yard and 250 yard swims for age group swimmers. More information is on their website. This is a great event, and it is amazing just to watch the sun come up over Horsetooth with swimmers filling the beautiful reservoir.

I became involved with this swim years ago when I saw an email asking for people with canoes and kayaks to paddle safety. I did that, and each time my desire to swim the event grew. This year will be the first time I am actually getting in the water. Time to bust out the old Speedo!!

Thanks to George Thornton for the interview, where he explains how:

This is a very special events in Fort Collins. We're becoming one of the open water swim capitals in the country, believe it or not, landlocked though we are.

The Horsetooth Swim is an important fundraiser for Team Fort Collins, a non - profit organization whose goal is to improve quality of life by preventing drug and alcohol abuse in Northern Colorado.