I still have yet to try any of the food trucks that have popped up in Fort Collins, and it's driving me crazy!  But maybe tonight, I'll get my chance to try a bunch of them at once!

Over a dozen food trucks are coming to Washington Park Wednesday night (that's TONIGHT), for Fort Collins' very first "food truck roundup."

The food truck roundup brings together most of the city’s best-known mobile food vendors, from The Goodness Truck to Common Link and Veebo’s Pizza. The roundup is essentially a temporary food court. The city’s food truck operators have been trying to organize a roundup like this for months and finally secured city permission. Fort Collins’ regulations normally prohibit large gatherings of food trucks, although other cities, such as Longmont, have permitted regular roundups.

I hope I can make it to Old Town and finally try some of these food trucks tonight.  How about you?  Willing to give food trucks a shot?