Classic Rock favorites Foreigner are headed to Greeley's Union Colony Civic Center on November 2nd, and they are inviting a local high school choir to join them on stage. The choir that is selected will perform "I Want to Know What Love Is" with them live!

This is quite the honor and we have to choose a deserving choir to perform with the legendary band. If you think your local high school choir is worthy, create a YouTube video no longer than 30 seconds in length to convince everyone why they should select your choir. Then simply have the choir director fill out the form below by Wednesday, October 23rd at 12 Noon.

Once all of the submissions are in, we will post the videos to our website and ask our listeners to choose the video that they thing is best. The video that receives the most votes by the time the contest ends on Tuesday, October 28th wins! Additionally the selected choir will receive $500 from Foreigner.

Please Note: Choirs cannot exceed 25 students! The winning choir will be asked to sell Foreigner’s “Greatest Hits” Album before and after the show with a portion of the proceeds benefiting The Grammy Foundation.


Have a question? Please contact Ali Hammond via e-mail or phone at (940) 674-2744.