The construction of a new complex in the middle of Fort Collins is going to begin with the removal of a bunch of trees.

Don't worry, they'll be more than replaced. 26 will come down, 54 will be put back.

Affiliates of Walton Street Capital and Alberta Development Partners, owners and developers of the Foothills Mall, demolished the Tres Margaritas building at 3400 S. College Avenue at the end of 2013. Trees will be removed so construction can begin on Phase One, which includes a new 10,500-square-foot retail building.

Initially, 13 trees will be removed with another 13 trees to be removed in March. Trees will be chipped on site for mulch, which will be made available to a private landscaping firm.

A total of 54 new, upsized trees will be planted as part of Phase One per the development plans finalized with the City.

On January 14, the Fort Collins City Council approved a $53 million public assistance package for the mall redevelopment including a $45 million base financial assistance package that will revitalize the Foothills Mall and restore essential sales tax revenue. The financial package includes an $8 million investment in City infrastructure, including a new Foothills Activity Center and an underpass for pedestrians and bicycles under College Avenue that connects the mall to the Mason Street Corridor and MAX Bus Rapid Transit.

Work is under way to relocate Larimer County Canal No. 2 on the east side of College Avenue in preparation for the underpass construction. That construction is likely to be complete by early April.

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