A month or so ago, my fiance Robyn and I were having lunch in one of our favorite Old Town restaurants, when she got a text message from one of her friends.  She read the text to herself with a confused look on her face, so I asked her what was up.  She said her friend was "in a brewery parking lot, eating waffles," and said we were welcome to join him.  I was immediately confused as well; that is, until we discovered he was eating at the Waffle Lab, one of the many food trucks popping up around Fort Collins.

The Coloradoan reports that a rough economy is making food trucks popular options for owners and customers alike.  Owners like not having to pay expensive Fort Collins rent for their business, and customers enjoy the unique meal choices and affordable prices.  Seems pretty win-win to me!

Some foods can only be found perhaps once in a lifetime at food carts, and that is the point for some people, such as... Luke Knowles. His savory Chili Cheese Waffle, $8, special from The Waffle Lab, hit the mark. “I really liked it. I wasn’t expecting it to have maple syrup on it, and I don’t even like chili, but that was really nice. It was sweet and salty.” More popular? “I think Americans are just catching up to the rest of the world,” he said.

Have you tried any of the new food truck cuisine rolling through town?  Which ones do you recommend?