You hear facts all the time, that make you think there is no way that is true.  Here is a list of 12 food facts that you would think are lies, but are true.

1.  Cheese is the most shoplifted food in the world.

2.  Honey never expires!

3.  Pineapple, it's not a single fruit, but rather a group of berries fused together.

4.  The stickers you find on fruits & vegetables, they are completely edible.  The FDA says they are "Food Grade".

5.  Two Fast Food Restaurants started as hot dog stands, find out which ones here.

6.  A microwave, uses more electricity to power its clock, then it does to heat food.

7.  The inventor of chocolate chip cookies, sold her recipe for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

8.  The amount of sugar the average American consumes in 5 days, is more than the average American consumed in an entire year, 200 years ago.

9.  German Chocolate cake is not German, it was named after American Sam German.

10. Eggs sold in the U.S. would be illegal in the U.K.

11.  Eggs sold in U.K. would be illegal in the U.S., due to the washing process that is used.

12.  Before refrigerators were invented, people put live frogs in their milk to keep it fresh.

Thanks to Yahoo & Buzz Feed for this list!

Do you have any to add to this list?  Put them in the comments section below.