A fire has broke out near Lory State Park in Fort Collins with this afternoons windy conditions.

Larimer County website confirms the following:

We have a fire buring in and around the Soldier Canyon area west of Horsetooth Rservoir. Poudre Fire Authority and Larimer County Emergency Services and Lory State Park employees are responding and on scene. Apparently at least 40+ acres are now involved with at least one structure having been affected. Unknown if this is a house or not and the extent of involvement. We also have sent emergency phone notifications to the area advising residents of the situation and some residents have been evacuated by fire personnel and Deputies on scene. We will continue to update this as we gather additional information

Poudre Fire Authority Facebook page says:

RT @larimersheriff: We can confirm a small fire just outside Lory State Park. Resources on scene. 1 structure affected, but to what degree is unknown.

PFA can confirm vegetation fire, Galena Ct in the Soldier Canyon area outside Lory State Park. Capt. Patrick Love has PIO duties. Will alert media where to stage.