If you're searching for an apartment in Fort Collins or Loveland, you may have noticed finding a place is no easy task. Maybe it's because this is such a great place to live, maybe it's the economy, whatever it is, it's getting tough to find an apartment in Fort Collins and Loveland. The rental market in Fort Collins and Loveland is tightening up and rent is more expensive.

Separating out Loveland's and Fort Collins' statistics shows that the larger city had the tighter market. The vacancy rate in Fort Collins was 2.6 percent, and Loveland's rate was 4.5 percent. Both cities' rates had dropped from last quarter, but Loveland's rate was up from 4.1 percent in the first quarter of 2011.

Loveland Reporter-Herald ]

The average rent in Fort Collins is $1001.51 for an unfurnished apartment, that's up 11 percent over last year.