As a Fort Collins restaurant critic, it's never too difficult to find friends to join me on reviews.  My job is full of fun conversation and usually good food.  Sometimes there can be a risk involved, but it's usually worth it, even if we only walk away with a horror story to tell everyone later.

Zquila has probably been one of the most challenging restaurants in finding dining companions to join me.  I've been before with my group of best friends, and it wasn't a pleasant experience.  The food was incredibly poor and nobody wanted to come back, even if it was for a review.  Time passed by and it remained on my review list, staring at me like an ignored puppy at the animal shelter with sad droopy eyes.

Fortunately, my friend and fellow blogger, Jessica, is game for pretty much anything. Upon hearing that I needed a friend to join me for dinner - she was on it - even after finding out that it was a throw of the dice and could turn out to be a bad meal.

Zquila opened on east Harmony in 2008 in the same restaurant row as Rustic Oven and East Moon.  It's owned by Chef Louis Chagolla, who has also been at El Charro in Greeley since the 1970's.  They have Mexican food with a modern twist - a mix of traditional dishes and fusion-style cuisine.  The atmosphere is absolutely beautiful.  There's a gorgeous water fountain behind the bar, attractive circular booths and Spanish flair to the decor.  I love it a whole lot...

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