When we venture out of Fort Collins into an unfamiliar city, we typically do one of two things when making a decision on where to eat.

  1. Play Restaurant Roulette and pick a place at random (often The Husband's preferred decision-making option).
  2. Pull up the Yelp mobile app on my phone to find a place with a high rating that is relatively close.

When we go on major road trips or overnight weekend getaways (like Denver), I make sure to thoroughly research restaurants so that we are bound to have an enjoyable meal. If we are just going on a quick day trip, we utilize the two decision making tools.

Well, that's all going to change now. I cannot count how many times we've been let down by peer review sites and picking at random. Yelp could easily be one of the biggest letdowns when it comes to relying on peers for their opinion, as it seems so many have horrible taste and a public platform to manipulate. But, I continue to use the app because of the Geoloaction function. Results are just as horrific by pointing a finger to any old place. The worst city to do this in is Estes Park. We have failed miserably at finding decent places to eat there, and the worst experience by far has been at Chicago's Best.

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