The beautiful Chapel on the Rock, is a Boulder County landmark in Allenspark that is a ‘must-see’ for everyone.  A baker in Estes set out to recreate the chapel out of gingerbread.

Why not?

Built in 1935, It has survived floods and landslides, to remain a Colorado treasure. The Chapel on the Rock at St. Malo. It sits right off of Highway 7 outside of Allenspark, in the shadow of Mt. Meeker.

You’ve probably visited the site; maybe you been to a wedding there. It is very majestic; so much so, that a baker in Estes Park decided that he would replicate the chapel for the holidays, by building it out of gingerbread and other food items!

Denver 7/Estes Park News

It took him three weeks to get it done, and it looks beautiful and delicious!  I wonder what will become of the ‘house’ after the holidays? You can ask him when you visit him and the gingerbread chapel at Scratch Deli and Bakery in Estes!

[Source: Denver 7]