Kobo eReaderThe Big Library Read is coming! From anytime this Wednesday through June 1st, you can download and read, for free, on your ereader.

Read on to find out what book it is and what local libraries are participating.The book available will be "The Four Corners of the Sky", and adult-fiction book written by Michael Malone.

Over 4,000 libraries are participating in the Big Library Read event including many of our local libraries. Including:

As long as you have a library card and a compatible ereader, it should be a snap.

According to the Reporter-Herald, Loveland Public Library will actually be hosting a free, public discussion about "The Four Corners of the Sky" on June 6 from 6:30-8PM.

What exactly is the Big Library Read?

Big Library Read is a pilot program in which libraries worldwide offer a single eBook to their patrons. In addition to creating a global “library book club,” Big Library Read is designed to demonstrate the positive exposure and sales influence library eBook catalogs provide to authors and publishers. It will spotlight one title for a set time period for library patrons around the world to read simultaneously.

There will also be global and local discussion going on Twitter about the book with the #BigLibraryRead hashtag.

Happy reading!