Susan Moore, TSM

Lil and I are living the dream of riding with 19 other women on their horses, in formation with flags, smiling, cantering, prancing and snorting...we are part of the Greeley Stampede Riders and as newbies we are 'Shadow Riders'. We'll ride in parades from Denver to Cheyenne, we'll ride in arenas as an opening act at rodeos, and we'll sell beer to pay expenses. Sure feels like a perfect fit.


While Lil and I like sharing the ins and outs of beginning horsemanship to friends' kids...




.. sometimes we just want to kick it into high gear and ride hell bent for...for ...well YOU know!

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Thank yous to my supportive friend Kitty who hauled us to try-outs, believed in Lil and me,  encouraged us, and had a cold beer waiting when we were done...I love her.

Susan Moore, TSM

So, even though Lily and I weren't in any of the pictures we will be...we are practicing in our
arena.  She is the only Arabian horse in the troop and is 20 years-young.

I don't know if I'll ever stop tearing up every time I carry the flag, it's so emotionally overwhelming. God bless America.