For the 1st time ever, a gerenuk has been born at the Denver Zoo. Blossom was born March 6th to parents Woody and Layla. A gerenuk is a small antelope from semiarid areas of eastern Africa. The name means "giraffe-necked" in the Somali language. The Denver Zoo posted the pictures above and this statement on their facebook page:

The Gerenuk Family Has Grown - Denver Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of Blossom, the first gerenuk (Gare-eh-nook) ever to be born at the zoo. The six-pound, female calf was born March 6 to mother, Layla, and father, Woody, and is the third generation female currently living in the gerenuk exhibit, including Layla's mother, Sushaunna. Blossom will be on exhibit when weather allows, but baby gerenuks are excellent at hiding, so it may take some time and patience to see her. Gerenuks are a small species of antelope with long necks and specially designed hips and pelvises that give them the unique ability to stand up completely vertical on their hind legs, making it easier to browse hard to reach leaves in trees.