Brace yourselves for 2 hours of time to yourselves on Monday nights, gentlemen, because the Bachelor is back, and this time, they've managed to rename the month! That's right. It's Juanuary.

And it might not just be Mondays. Some weeks, they'll have programming Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, 2 hours per block.

Okay, wife, see you on Wednesday then?

I guess I should point out that, since I can't stand when snarky bloggers trash on people that they would switch places with in one second flat that, yes, were I single and given the chance to have 27 of America's hottest, even if slightly crazy, women court me, I would switch places with Juan Pablo. ABC has had my wife and troop of her friends hooked since the very first season.

Now, they watch every season. But here's the thing. They don't LOVE every Bachelor. Sure, they're all cute, and the girls are there for every rose ceremony, but some of the guys are just okay. Then, every so often, a Juan Pablo comes along. During the Bachelorette, the girls start postulating who would make a great Bachelor if "he doesn't get that final rose".

Well, they wanted Juan Pablo, and Juan Pablo they got. Some of the women, when introduced to Juan Pablo on the premiere after the getting to know him episode said, "I would only be on this show for you." Nonsense. You wanted to be on television, and would have done it for anyone. Yes, you may have preferred Juan Pablo, but be honest. If the producers picked you for any of the good looking guys lined up to be the next Bachelor, you'd be there.

Just like my wife in front of the tv. Doesn't matter who the Bachelor really is, but she's glad it's Juan Pablo.