When I think of the worry I might have saved my mother. I was that kid who brought home ANY animal who I thought needed a home. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. She always kept up with my tetanus shots through many scrapes, scratches, stitches, and animal bites - and I survived. I have a *favorite story about one of my 'rescues' coming up...but first Larimer Humane Society has programs to learn how to handle animals at Critter Camp for Kids this summer.

'Critter Camp is a five-day humane education camp that is designed to teach children about the responsible care and treatment of animals. Hands-on activities include visits with shelter animals and staff, informative lessons about responsible pet ownership and dog safety, fun animal crafts and service projects, exploration of key issues in animal welfare and the role of Larimer Humane Society in the local community, and a brainstorm of ways that young people can make a difference in the lives of animals who need their help'.

The camps are limited by class size and registration is open now.

*So, a favorite memory was a stray dog I brought home in the late fall of 3rd grade. I named her Tippy. My parents looked at her and each other and told me...'she's pregnant so she'll have to go to a farm in the country'. I was a sad little girl. But around Christmas, my dad picked me up from school and there in the front seat of his truck was a tiny puppy, one of Tippy's litter. Snoopy was the best gift and my dad really loved giving him to me. Getting a horse is another favorite memory, but that story is for a future blog.

I am still fascinated with 'critters'and I volunteer with LHS - BUT before I started I was required to take several classes to learn how to safely handle animals...for their sake as well as mine.

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