Northern Colorado is no stranger to craft beer,  but have you ever heard of craft chocolate?

Fort Collins residents Toby and Alix Gadd are bringing small batch, "bean-to-bar" chocolate to our neck of the woods, according to the Coloradoan.

Nuance Chocolate will open later this month at 214 Pine St. in Old Town, right next to The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop.

To be a true small-batch, single-origin chocolate maker, you have to start with the fatty cocoa bean, found in countries such as Madagascar, Nicaragua and Ghana.

You roast the beans, you separate the husks, you grind the nibs with sugar and then you heat and cool the grinds to get that "snap, gloss and mouth-feel" also known as the chocolate bar.

Doesn't it feel great to live in a town with such unique treats at your fingertips?

Check out the video for more from Toby Gadd on craft chocolate.

Is your mouth watering yet?