You've gotta love this time of year in Colorado; a whole week of sunny skies and 60-degree temps, then BAM!  The weekend calls for one to three inches of snow!

The National Weather Service calls for cooler temperatures on Saturday, with highs around 46.  There might be a little snow accumulation during the day; but then at night, the real fun begins!

One to three inches of snow are possible Saturday night, with temperatures well below freezing (around 21 degrees).  So if your were praying for more slopes to open up, looks like you're going to get your wish!

It's going to be a pretty chilly Veteran's Day on Sunday, with highs in the low 30's.  Probably not a whole lot more snow accumulation, though.

Then, because it's Colorado, Monday should be sunny, with highs in the 40's!  We'll probably see 50's again by as early as Wednesday.

So there you go.  Snow over the weekend, that'll probably melt in the coming week.  Stay warm, cuddle up with your sweetheart, and enjoy!