The City of Fort Collins is setting lofty goals for their overall sustainability practices in hopes of becoming a national and world leader in the area. They've implemented programs and initiatives across the board and are wasting no time putting them into action. The waste stream diversion/recycling programs have been seeing success after success in the past months and years, and the City feels that there is no reason to slow down now.

The 'Recycle Everywhere You Go' campaign is encouraging all to keep in mind that no matter where you are in

Fort Collins, you can never be too far away from a receptacle for that recyclable of any kind. Waste diversion efforts in Fort Collins have been quite successful as of the past two years, and as we all embrace the idea of recycling everywhere we go and also start to investigate whether activities like composting could be beneficial to us, those efforts should only increase in their effectiveness.

Here is a map of the recycle bins and big belly trash compactors in Fort Collins.

I interviewed Caroline Mitchell, Environmental Planner in Waste Reduction and Recycling for the City of Fort Collins, and we discussed the 'Recycle Everywhere You Go' campaign.