The City of Evans Building Department started home inspections in the evacuated area.  Inspected homes all will receive either a Green, Yellow or Orange tag.  The meaning of the colors is as follows:

•           Green – Homes are safe to enter and occupy.

•           Yellow - Homes have been inspected and show evidence of flood damage.  Enter with caution to assess necessary repairs and contact the Building Department for necessary permits.

•           Orange – DO NOT ENTER OR OCCUPY.  Entry may result in injury or death.

To date, 112 homes have been inspected.  Of the 112 inspections, 102 homes being tagged with orange, DO NOT ENTER, tags. Of the remaining 10 previously inspected, 8 structures have been found safe, with 2 tagged DO NOT ENTER.

The Evans Building Department can be reached at 970-475-1120 for residents in need of permits for repairs or have any questions. For residents requesting follow up inspections, please be advised that it could take a couple days to get the inspection completed.

[City of Evans]