Some people are easy to buy gifts for and others are  just plain difficult. Here's a top ten guide to help with the women in your life.

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  1. Jewelry, who are we kidding, she will always like jewelry, whether it's a fancy new watch, a shiny ring, dazzling earrings or a sparkling new belt-girls like jewelry!
  2. A new bag/purse, but not just any old one pick an on sale designer bag and you will reap the rewards all year long.
  3. An Ereader or Tablet that she can call her own for quite time with her favorite books and movies, maybe throw in a bottle of wine.
  4. A massaging bed rest, she'll feel like a queen. Of course you'll have to man the kids one night so she can truly enjoy it, maybe with her Tablet and wine. :P
  5. A canvas print, either of the kids, the family or of the two of you (a wedding picture or a picture from when you first met)
  6. E-tip gloves so she can text in the cold, this is a secondary gift, but cool nonetheless, she'll love them, if she is a glove person.
  7. Boogie Board Memo, I saw this in a magazine that came to the house and thought, wow, I know so many women that would love this.
  8. Spa Treatment, DO NOT get her an at home mani/pedi kit or a seemingly fantastic massage thingy to put in her chair, actually buy her a gift certificate for a spa treatment, if you have to line up a sitter or offer to take care of the kids-if kids aren't an issue meet her afterwards for dinner.
  9. Keurig, if she doesn't have one, get her one... I love mine! Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Lattes-hot or cold anytime I want them, they are a power button away.
  10. Shoes or Boots, seems like a cliche, but shoes to women are not like you getting a tie, trust me. Have fun with it, get a gift card and wrap a pair of kids shoes with the gift card hidden in one of the shoes-she'll love to go shopping for shoes.

I know that its a little early for you to be thinking about shopping, guys, but when you do I hope that this helps and some of the thing's I have come up with can be ordered online, so when you're done reading this, order it and be done. Happy Holidays!