Moving can be a pain. It also shows you who your real friends are. The people who let you use their truck and their muscles make the DIY world possible, and for that, we thank them.

That beautiful vehicle in this photo gallery is known as 'the Juice'. It is a 1960 Ford, and it RIPS! It belongs to my friend Lucas who owns and runs Zerohero Events. They create events that have zero or very little waste. What they do is so cool because they supply cups, plates, bowls, plasticware and more that is made from organic material, so it can be composted. That's right, the cups become soil!

Here is 'the Juice' in all its glory, plus photos of Paul, Sarah and Della making the move.


It's fun to drive a truck like this from time to time. It's a reminder that the world's leading technology used to require active participation, instead of just our presence.