My wife Robyn and I have had our dog Zazu for about a year and a half now; and although I always wanted a dog, I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love our little guy!  And I think that love is why news about pets, or pet ownership, really stands out to me.

The Coloradoan is reporting changes are coming to pet laws this week.

Beginning May 1, several animal control ordinances will be civil infractions rather than criminal misdemeanors. This means if someone violates one of the ordinances, the person will get a civil citation and immediate fine. This includes code violations like animal off leash, barking dog disturbances, failure to pick up animal waste and any animal license or rabies vaccination violations.

The new policies also make it easier to report pet-related disturbances, like a barking dog, and should improve response to such reports as well.

Frankly, I'm thrilled with any measure that makes people more responsible pet-owners. Our neighborhood is a mess from people not picking up after their dogs, and I want to scream every time I see a dog off-leash.  Zazu is a great dog, but he doesn't always get along with other dogs; so it would be great of other dog-owners could be more respectful of that.

Do you think these changes will be helpful to the community?  Let me know in the comments!

Gosh, I love that dog...