Tell me something good. For the past two years, we as the United States have become a Divided States.

The racial, homophobic, hateful undertones that have overtaken our social media feeds upset me. I love this country, and I love its people for the good and the bad.

Practicing kindness and freely giving grace doesn't cost us a thing. Often in the news, we see the bad. I am tired of seeing the bad and assume you may be too. That's why I would like to introduce a new feature, "Alana's Hot Toddy for the Soul."

I get it; a hot toddy is a drink. It's made with a spirit base, water, some sugar, and spices. The most simple version is hot water, with a mixture of whiskey, cinnamon, honey, and lemon. I digress. A hot toddy makes you feel warm inside.

I want to hear stories from you, and around Northern Colorado of things that make you feel good. From random or not so random acts of kindness to the great things in our community that you are celebrating. Let's come together. Put compassion first and celebrate the good we have in our community.