The CBR 'Championship Bull Riding' Cinch Tour Finale is scheduled to rattle the Budweiser Events Center on Saturday, September 24th at 8pm. Bull riding legend Tuff Hedeman is bringing 40 of the world's best riders, toughest bulls, and a night jammed full of fun, family entertainment. Click HERE for your adrenaline rush!

In sultry, smoky tones, Grammy Award winner Paula Cole croons the ultimate question, “Where have all the cowboys gone?” Think about it. The typical urbanite is probably not at all familiar with the slow swagger and honest manners of the favorite son of the old west. He’s not likely to turn up on the subway and you won’t spot him at that trendy, new wine bar nibbling quiche and chatting with a group of friends. So the question remains: where can one go to find those handsome, rugged, and fearless defenders of the wild frontier and the occasional damsel in distress? Well, friends, the answer is simple and can be summed up in three words: Championship Bull Riding. The CBR.

Rapid growth in the early years put CBR, Inc. on the map, and it was this extraordinary momentum that grabbed the attention of rodeo legend and four-time world champion bull rider, Tuff Hedeman. In 2005, Tuff left the PBR to officially join the organization as President and stock holder. Why the switch? Tuff has a love for the sport, but also for the athletes, and he was inspired by the CBR philosophy.

“We treat them they way I wanted to be treated when I was competing,” he says with a handsome smile. “The CBR produces one of the best professional-level bull riding competitions in the country.”

Statistics don’t lie, and the growth of the CBR is evident in the numbers. Over the past three years, sponsorship dollars for the CBR have grown almost two hundred percent. The number of events has more than quadrupled and the overall live attendance has surpassed 350,000.

This year at the PRCA’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, 13 of the 15 bull riding contestants were regulars on the CINCH CBR Tour including three time PRCA World Champion J W Harris, and 2007 PRCA World Champion Wes Silcox. The riders on the CINCH CBR Tour represent 5 countries and 50 states.

And so now you know the truth. Real cowboys do exist. They’re not an extinct or even endangered breed. On the contrary, they’re everywhere, touring the country with the CBR. And the best part? They’ll be coming to a town near you REAL soon. See ya’ll at the CBR Cinch Tour Finale!

Tickets to the 2011 CBR Cinch Tour Finale at 8:00pm on Saturday, September 24th at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland are $15, $35, and $65; and are available at the Bud Events Center box office in Loveland, Fort Fun in Fort Collins, Woody’s Cafe & Newsstand in Greeley, by phone at 1-877-544-8499, and online at