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What Caused the Greeley Earthquake? [VIDEO]
It's not every day an earthquake hits Northern Colorado; in fact, we haven't seen one in about 40 years.  That is, until Colorado Residents around Greeley felt a 3.4 magnitude tremor on Saturday.
LeVar Burton is Bringing Back ‘Reading Rainbow!’ [VIDEO]
"Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high..." For many of us, those words kicked off our favorite program on public access TV. That catchy song was a gateway to a show that was always fun, entertaining, and educational. "Reading Rainbow" was a great show, no q…
Google Builds its Own Self-Driving Car [VIDEO]
You may have seen Google testing out self-driving cars before, but this is different.  This isn't just a Prius with a bunch of extra technology bolted to it; this is the first self-driving car Google has built from scratch.

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