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We Did the Paqui One Chip Challenge and This is What Happened
Being a fan of spicy stuff and pushing ourselves, we decided that we were going to give the Paqui One Chip Challenge a go! This is a single tortilla chip that is dusted with one of the world's hottest peppers... The Carolina Reaper. A jalapeno on the scoville unit scale comes in at about 5,000.…
Mrs. Cross Was This Week’s Teacher for Teacher Tuesday
Mrs. Cross of High Plains School in Loveland was our teacher we have selected this week for Teacher Tuesday!
A parent wrote us about Mrs. Cross saying this:
"Mrs. Cross is everything you hope for in your child's teacher. She is kind, gentle and you can tell she loves her kiddos...
Interesting Colorado Town Slogans
Next time the power goes out, or you're stranded somewhere (like "To Hell You Ride," for example...,) or you're just trying to pass time on the job, you can always make up your own slogans for towns around Colorado. Until then, you're sure to stay entertained with these rea…
Amazon’s Treasure Truck Is On Its Way to Colorado
A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Denver may be in the running as a possible second location for Amazon's headquarters. But while we wait to see if that pans out, we can look forward to the company's Treasure Truck rolling into Colorado on a much sooner date.

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