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Greeley StarTek Shutting Down
By Halloween, about 200 people will be out of work at StarTek in Greeley. Though, they will be able to apply at the other locations, including two in Colorado.
This Moment Brought to you by Longmont
Born in Longmont and raised a huge Rockies fan, David Bote shook the rafters at Wrigley Field with a dramatic home run they'll be talking about for a long time.
Downward Dog Days of Summer
Help beat the stress of a new school year starting with outdoor yoga, a brisk 5k and then adorable dogs and cats needing good homes!
This Piece of Colorado Jeep Jaunt History Could Be Yours
First and foremost, I would like to give a big ole thank you to a Colorado Legend for doing this... Thank you so very much John Elway for autographing a football for the Colorado Jeep Jaunt! This football could be yours coming up on August 18th as it will be an auction item...

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