I know it's kind of hard to believe, but we're only a couple weeks from the election.  Now, I haven't counted the number of political campaign signs I see on a daily basis; but, especially this close to the election, I know I see a lot.  A whole lot.  Well, apparently, some people in Larimer County can't just leave those signs alone, and instead are stealing or vandalizing the ones they don't agree with.  Really?  Really?

The Coloradoan says political sign theft and vandalism is a problem every election year, but some people in our neck of the woods feel like it's worse than ever this year.

I can't believe this.  Are we 12 years old?  No!

This is America, and everyone has the right to express their opinions, political or otherwise.  Obama signs going missing, and Romney signs being defaced with swastikas, is despicable on its own; but the fact that it's happening in our community, a community I'm otherwise very proud to live in, is disgusting.  Seriously, it makes my stomach hurt.

If the law considers you an adult, and has given you the right to do things like vote for the fate of our country, then you should at least act a little responsible in light of those rights.  Stealing and defacing signs just because you don't agree with them is the most baseless, cowardly form of protest someone can resort to.  If you really care that much, make your own sign.  Then go out to the street corner, hold your sign up, and make your voice heard in an honest way.

I'm just sayin'.