Remember when I mentioned that Fort Collins dealt out nearly $18,000 in liquor violations last year?  Yeah, pretty embarrassing.  Well, the latest business to be busted was the Aggie Theatre; and the managers are taking some drastic measures to make sure it doesn't happen again.

How about a breathalyzer and pat-down before your next concert experience?  Yeah, we're talking that drastic.

The Aggie lost it's liquor license on Thursday for five days due to violations, according to the Coloradoan.

Management decided on the new security measures after police said that constant calls about drunkenness at the popular concert venue were putting too much strain on police resources.

“Underage patrons who are visibly intoxicated are consistently found in or associated around an event at the Aggie,” police said. “This happens more at the Aggie than it does at any other establishment in the downtown area.”

I suppose you could argue the ridiculousness of making people blow into a tube before they walk in the door; but I say, do what you gotta do, Aggie.  It's better than getting shut down forever, right?  Plus, nobody likes watching kids stumble around Old Town drunk.  It's enough to ruin an evening sometimes.