My old morning show partner Kama said it best. We were watching a local group perform, and at one point in their set, they got all excited and ripped their shirts off. When the shirts came off, it wasn't anything remarkable. Kama said, "Put your shirts back on until you become men. I don't want to see your little boy chest." That's what I thought of when I saw this One Direction video.

Perfect example of modern 'boy chest'. Skinny, pale, flat. When dreamboat boy bands lose the shirts, I first assume it's for the purpose of sex appeal. At least that's the vibe with the sharing of this video. "One Direction shirtless!!" Oh joy. When I was growing up, going shirtless was done by men their age, but instead of looking like they are dressing for junior high gym class, they looked more like they might be sweating at the construction site, or getting ready for a rumble. Something more like this.

Of course, I know that some of One Direction's target audience is dressing for junior high gym class, but what can I say? I like coffee that is hot, snow that is deep, and shirtless pop stars that are buff.