Your 2013 tax returns are due tomorrow (April 15th).  So when you're up late tonight, rushing to figure out how much the Colorado government owes you (or vice versa), looking out at the night sky might not be as relaxing as you want it to be.

According to the Denver Post, there will be a lunar eclipse tonight; or rather, the eclipse will take place early tomorrow morning.

Astronomers say this eclipse will begin just before midnight Denver time, and totality will last from 1:07 to 2:25 a.m.

[via Denver Post.]

Lunar eclipses occur when the earth comes directly between the moon and the sun.  They're a lot easier to see than solar eclipses, since you can look right at them without hurting your eyes.

So, why would this neat celestial event add a sense of foreboding to your last-minute tax prep?  Well, because the eclipse makes the moon turn a deep red color, earning it the nickname "blood moon."

So if taxes have you one straw away from breaking the camel's back, maybe avert your eyes from the night sky tonight, and try not to freak out.  Otherwise, enjoy the eclipse!