Actually I didn't use #pony, I used #foal because that's what they are called.

Anyway, my morning show partner Susan's fostered pregnant mare is now just her fostered mare, because she gave birth to happy, healthy foal over the weekend.

See pictures of the new baby here.

After the joyous news, I took to Instagram to peer in on some other little four legged bundles of joy, and squealed like a schoolgirl at every cute little foal I saw.

Let's start with some family time. The parent's lives will never be the same!


You know what they say when a puppy has large paws? Is the same true of the length of a foal's legs?


Because that's a lot of leg!


Young one, meet hay. You will love it forever.


So that's what these stretchified legs are for! Let's run forever!


No caption needed. (I guess I should erase that).


Welcome to the world!


Our sentiments exactly.