Fort Collins, nestled right against the Rocky Mountains, has no shortage of beautiful scenery to make for a great wedding day.

Many locals are married here, as are people from out of town. Since I am a wedding DJ as well as a broadcast DJ, I have a good handle on the best places to have a wedding ceremony in Fort Collins. So here are the top places, in no particular order.

Hilton - Gardens at Spring Creek

The Gardens at Spring Creek

Botanic beauty! The Gardens at Spring Creek is less about the view and more about the flowers amazing flowers that are grown by the staff. Walking paths surround a central area and arbor for the ceremony. Bees buzz lazily about. Combine it with a beautiful Colorado blue sky and your wedding can become the stuff of legend.

The Gardens at Spring Creek offer ceremony-only deals, or they work with the Fort Collins Hilton that is just down the street with packages to provide areas for the reception.

Tapestry House

The Tapestry House

This venue is actually in Laporte, but is very close to the edge of Fort Collins. It's a ranch that has been converted to an event center. The farm house is immaculate, but also preserves the classic feel of an old farmhouse. Couples have full access to the house and it's numerous bedrooms and bathrooms during their time at the Tapestry House. The moment the bride appears is always a very special moment because of the beauty of the house and the sheer size of the double doors. They open, she appears, and it's amazing every time. I've seen it a couple dozen times and it still blows me away.

The Tapestry House offers packages for ceremony and reception.

Facebook - Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center

The major renovation that the Lincoln Center recently underwent has produced a second level patio that is beautiful! It overlooks the grounds of the Lincoln Center and Old Town, Fort Collins. Guests can enjoy the art that adorns the walls s they make their way to your wedding. The second story patio is surround by trees and nice buildings of the downtown area. It has a very special feel to it and makes for great photos.

The Lincoln Center offers packages for ceremony and reception.

Flickr - Melvin Schlubman

The Oval

This spot is special to many CSU alum, and others are married here just because of the beauty of the grass and trees on campus. The ceremony spot usually faces the Administration Building in its pillared splendor. The lining the sidewalk and vehicle loop stand silent witness to your biggest moment. The Oval is a great place to be married.

The Oval does not have a reception area, but many people book reception areas at the Lory Student Center or other Fort Collins wedding reception venues. The Fort Collins Hilton borders the south side of the CSU campus, so it is very close.

The Avery House

The Avery House is an historic landmark in Fort Collins named for Franklin Avery, an early resident of the town who's efforts are still being felt today. According to the Poudre Landmarks Foundation:

Fort Collins has Franklin Avery to thank for the wide streets in Fort Collins; he took advantage of the open spaces when he surveyed the town in 1873. Avery later founded First National Bank and was instrumental in developing water projects that enabled agriculture to flourish in northern Colorado.


The Avery House grounds are beautiful. There is a gorgeous gazebo that can be used for the ceremony, or other configurations are also possible. The staff has always been very helpful, and there are areas for the bride, groom, and their people to get ready for the big wedding.

Many couples that I work for use the Avery House for the ceremony and then head over to the Agave Room above the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for the reception. That room is one of the best places in Old Town for a wedding reception, with a great staff, wonderful views, true Old Town charm and, of course, the legendary Rio margaritas.


Fort Collins has Natural Areas throughout

The City of Fort Collins has dozens of natural areas that are as diverse as they are beautiful and permits and rentals for events and large groups are available. What you can and cannot do varies by site, but there are many beautiful parks that could also make for a great DIY wedding ceremony.







Paul Wozniak is one of northern Colorado's most popular DJ's, on the radio and for weddings, and he also acts as officiant and marries couples in these picturesque and beautiful locations. Visit his website here.