Since my wife became a distributor of chia seeds and numerous other all-natural, crazy healthy products, she has lost fifteen pounds, enjoys working out more, and keeps getting more and more fit.

Okay, young lady, that's skinny enough!

It's to the point that I'm trying to slow her down a bit. You see, I love that she looks really fit, but I don't like the 'too skinny', gap between the thighs look, 'I never get off the treadmill' look. I may have to start making more cakes and gravy.

Way back in history, a little extra weight was a sign of prosperity; the person carrying it obviously had a good reliable food source. Now, obesity is a sign of poverty or lack of education. Fast food is cheap, and it makes us fat. Sugary foods are at our fingertips at all times, and they don't produce prosperity.

A happy medium, just like always, is what we want to strike, and when that medium amount of extra mass gathers at the behind, not only is it attractive to me, but it also could mean the woman with the bootylicious behind is smarter and healthier overall.

According to ABC News, a study by the University of Oxford says:

...fat stored in the stomach is harmful because "it is more metabolically active," sending fatty contents and messages throughout the body, whereas fat in the lower regions of the body tends to be more stable and release fewer cytokines, which have been implicated in the insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.