When I came across this story, I stopped and thought to myself, seriously?  An apartment complex that allows children, but doesn't allow them to play outside?

In Portland Oregon, at the Sterling Park Apartments, fliers were posted telling residents that kids living there are not allowed play outside.

KPTV Fox 12 reported, the notifications were hung on Thursday morning. The station spoke to several residents who said it was the first time they heard of the “no play” policy. The flier states, “residents will not be permitted to play in halls, stairways, or entrances of buildings, gardens or landscape areas except where specifically permitted." Melissa Petri, a mom in the complex, said, “When I investigated further there are no such things. There is no area designated for them to play in.” The rules eliminate the entire apartment grounds except for the pool. The complex has designated areas for dogs, but none for children.

If you have kids, how would you feel about this?  Do you think this is justified or over the top?