It is gift time and I am here to help you sports and video game lovin’ males find something great for your lady. What do you know about what women want, anyway? The answer to that question will vary widely. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, if you want to know what women want, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to actually watch the movie ‘What Women Want’ with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt (see above trailer. It’s actually pretty good). This film shows you may think you know, but in reality, you are probably a couple parsecs from hitting the mark (if you got that obscure astronomical/Star Wars reference to distance and time, definitely keep reading, you need more help than I thought).

So, in order to lend you a hand, here are my top 5 ways of determining what your woman wants this holiday season.

5. Ask someone close to her

This method is a winner in more ways than one. Call her sister/mother/friend/co-worker or another female she is close with and ask them if there is anything that your wife/girlfriend has been talking about that may help you get her the perfect present. Not only will you get true insider information, but after the holidays are over, the person you called may tell your wife/girlfriend that you did this, showing that you were willing to put in some effort to find out what she really wanted.

Note – If your Significant Other is the jealous type, or if your motives are less than pure, this is not a good move.

4. Something Old, Something New

Check her outerwear and accessories. What does she have or wear that is tattered and torn? Her purse? Her jacket? Her scarves? The thing that pays the most dividends in this whole process is AWARENESS. If she’s been carrying the same purse for more than a year, I would bet that she’d love another one. ‘What kind of purse, scarf or coat should I get her?’ Read on…

3. Take photos, then ask the sales person

There are a lot of purses and jackets out there. Use technology to your advantage! Snap a photo of your wife in her jacket, scarf and purse. Or, when she’s not around, lay them out on the couch and snap a shot. When you get to the store and the sales person asks you what your wife likes, instead of slobbering out incoherent gibberish, show them the photo. It says “She likes this type, but what she has is getting old.” They’ll help you find the 2012 version of it.


You know that thing she likes?

The thing that you take absolutely no interest in because it isn’t football? Well, engage her in a 5 minute conversation about it. Ask about a project she is dreaming of if she’s crafty, or what show she’d love to see if she’s into the arts. Your interest will go a long way with her and then you’ll know if she needs beads for her necklace project, tickets to a certain show, etc.

Note - If it’s too complicated and you run the risk of buying the wrong thing, gift cards are perfectly acceptable! Many of our passions are very specific. I need ski pants this year, but I don’t want anyone to pick them out for me because only I know what works for me. Customize the card that goes along with it, and call it good.


It really is the thought that counts.  You spend a lot of time with this beautiful creature. If you will just turn off the electronics, clear your mind, breathe in, breathe out, it will come to you. The gift that goes over the best is going to show that you hear her when she speaks to you, that you know her intimately, and that you care. When all is said and done, women are very easy to figure out. All they want is their Prince Charming to ride over the hill on a white horse so he can love them and only them forever and ever. What they have is you. So, some thought will show you care, and that really is what it’s all about.