Exercise aside, though it is still essential, there are a few ways to grant us better health starting right this very moment.

1. Drink Water

We need 4-6 liters of clean, pure water per day. The body is made up of 75% liquid, and it needs to be replenished at all times. Headaches, fatigue, cellular problems, and so many other things can come simply from the fact that we aren't giving our body enough water.

According to the Mayo Clinic, we need a little bit less that what I said above, but they also say that it varies from person to person, and I know that the more I drink, the more I eliminate, the better I feel.

2. 60% Whole Raw Food

Nature, God, Source; whatever you call the thing that created things, it created them really well. They were created way before fire was harnessed, and they seem to bring us the most nutrients when they are closer to their natural state than when they've been fried, steamed, or in any other way heated (much less overcooked).

Eating our veggies raw and heaping helpings of fruits is a proven pick me up for our health.

Also, nuts and seeds are some of the best foods we can eat.

3. Eat chia every day

Chia seeds have been found to have more health benefits than any single superfood out there.

Speaking of seeds, there are a few foods that are rising to the top as the world's greatest superfoods, and chia is the best of them all. It is one of the very few that has the ability to cleanse, balance and build our bodies. If we become what we don't eliminate, then chia is great because its high fiber content helps things get out of our bodies. It helps to balance with very high levels of magnesium, calcium, protein, and probably most importantly, fat. Our brain sits in a sack of fat. If we don't supply it with good, quality fat, the center that controls everything isn't going to work very well.

Tons of omega 3's without the dangers of contaminated fish. Omega 6 covered. Chia really is an amazing food. So amazing, in fact, that it has been used as currency (aka cash) in the past.

4. Reintroduce sulfur into your diet

Our body needs sulfur, and it isn't getting it. It's the third most common mineral in our body behind calcium and phosphorous, and it is required for so many of our bodily functions. Back in the day, when actual manure was used in the farming of our foods instead of petroleum based chemical fertilizer (yep, oil can make our cars run and fertilize our food) the high levels that the cows took into their bodies was passed on to us. Not so anymore, so we need to pay attention to how much sulfur we ingest.

The study linked here shows the importance of finding a really good, natural sulfur source, because while sulfur naturally wants to do it's work, sources of sulfur (or MSM as it may be sold or known) that are filled with excipients are not going to do the really important stuff that we need sulfur to do.

Proper sulfuric levels in the body can reduce chronic pain, help to detoxify the body, increase strength, endurance and physical recovery and much more.

Note - If you start taking a supplement, do so slowly, with some research, or under the care of a professional because taking too much too fast can cause problems if you are highly sulfur deprived.

5. Mindful Breathing

Without air, none of this really matters. There are breathing techniques that are better than others, though.

Take a moment and empty your body completely of air. Blow some more out. Now, slowly, take in a nice slow breath to the depths of your stomach. Don't stop. Slowly continue breathing into the upper part of your torso until the top of your chest is parallel with the ceiling. Blow that whole breath out and repeat that as many times per day as you can remember. This movement can stimulate other organs besides the lungs, because as you can feel when you fill so much air in your body, there is movement all around the torso.

These are a few simple ways to make an impact on your health and life that can make a difference starting right now.