I just unfriended someone on Facebook for oversharing. They didn't say something that offended me or bothered me. They didn't put something up that I felt would rip the seams of the fabric of society. They posted 10 times in an hour.

Make room for the rest of us, huh?

It's kind of like being at a party with a bunch of really interesting people, but they can't talk because there is one person there who is louder and more determined to be heard than the rest of them. Interesting people don't enter the battle for attention, so their voice is drowned out and all we can hear is the loudmouthfacehead.

I will 'Like' your page if you need a boost. I will read your left or right wing propaganda, and even consider it to make sure that I'm not being dismissive. I will look at your kid doing something very unremarkable over and over, as long as you don't post too many things in too short a time.

Here are the rules to make sure you aren't posting too much.

1. Once per hour is the corporate rule

Businesses who are looking to be noticed run the risk of raising the ire of Facebook if they put too many things online. The general rule seems to be if you are posting more than once per hour, it is too much.

2. A photo album with 40 items is just one post

If you have diarrhea of the mouse, make it an album, so I don't have to come across your stupid profile pic in your news feed a hundred times in a minute. I know that every meme you see may seem like the answer to the question of life (it's 42 by the way). Compile that noise and make it 1 post!

3. Don't coerce me into sharing my spiritual views

I'll tell you how I feel if you want to know. Other than that, there is no faster way to get dumped from my feed than this.

What makes you 'unfriend' people?