When I saw the first couple of items in this article, 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing from the Huffington Post, I knew I wanted my wife to read it.

So many of the things they say that women should stop doing come from a good place. Over apologizing, putting others before themselves, body snarking, they all stem from the women wanting others around them to accept them.

What I think the article aptly points out though, is that we are more likely to accept a woman who has already accepted herself!















Here is one of my favorites from the article and video.

1. Apologizing all the time. Research has shown that women actually do say “sorry” more often than men. We’re all for taking responsibility when you make a mistake -- but constantly apologizing for having your waiter split the check or asking a date to hang out on a different night or telling a friend about your problems, does more harm than good. There’s no need to qualify everything you do. Own your preferences and decisions.