There was a time not too long ago where people in Northern Colorado were celebrating the fact that Vestas was here. The wind turbine manufacturing plant in Windsor was a hot spot to get jobs, and a place where many wanted to work. Times have changed. Just two days after cutting 80 jobs at their plant in Brighton, Vestas let 200 employees go from the Windsor location Thursday.

Vestas officials said they were down to 1,200 employees statewide compared to the 1,500 they started the week with. This week alone, roughly 270 employees were cut from the Brighton and Windsor plants. Overall, about 18 percent of Vestas’ entire Colorado manufacturing workforce was affected this week at its two blade factories. In 2012, Vestas’ manufacturing workforce in Colorado has decreased from more than 1,700 to about 1,200 people at four factories, which includes attrition, relocations and reductions.

Vestas officials in their statement said they were committed to their presence in Colorado.

“Vestas made a big investment in Colorado to establish a regional manufacturing presence that created many American jobs during an economic recession,” according to the statement. “Vestas’ four Colorado factories will continue to manufacture wind turbine components for the U.S. market, as well as export to Canada and Latin America.”

The company still has cuts to make worldwide, however.