America's Funniest Videos went on the air back in 1989 as America's Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget as host. It's been one of the best shows on television ever since. The reason is simple. It is unexpected humor. It's enjoyable to go to a film comedy or to a comedy club and split your sides laughing, but you expect to laugh when you go to these places. It's the unexpected hilarious happenings that really bring us pleasure and that is what AFV is all about.

If you've been watching the show since you were a kid, like me, you know what to expect when you see a dad pitching a ball to his son. You know that the sledding video is either going to end with said person on sled meeting a tree, swingset, fence or pursuant dog, but the fact that we don't know which it will be creates the magic of the show.

So, whether it is brother clocking sister in a game of Nintendo Wii, home improvement mishaps, or the classic kid-misses-the-pinata-and-hits-dad-in-the-groin video, here's to AFV, the best show on television.