I rolled into the drive thru at a fast-food restaurant here in Fort Collins last week to grab a bite for dinner. It’s not that I couldn’t have prepared something good to eat at home, I just had the itch for a three-piece meal with a biscuit and mashed potatoes.

I was looking for some meat on the bone, a little grease, and a cold fountain drink. Instead what I got was a reminder of how easy it is to change the world (plus the meat, grease, drink, and a spork.)

From the moment I was greeted at the speaker, to the tap on the gas-pedal that took me on my way; I was guided through the chicken delivery process by someone that was going out of their way to be friendly, pleasant, and positive. Likely not even knowing it, the person in the little window changed me for the better. Maybe just a little bit, and maybe just for a moment, but it’s a good reminder; You don’t have to build schools in foreign lands to change the world. A smile or kind word will have a tremendous effect on this planet…one person at a time. (Nothing against building schools, I just find that most of us have better access to smiles than bricks.)

Thank you chicken server.

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