On November 5th, Coloradans will vote on a state secession initiative which, if it passes, would be the first step in a long process of splitting Colorado in two, thus creating America's 51st state.

The eventual exodus, if the constitutional minefield could be navigated, would create a North Colorado of about 336,000 people, supplanting Wyoming as the least populous state in the U.S. It would leave Colorado with about 4.7 million residents, dropping it to the 23rd most populous state behind Alabama.

But who exactly would benefit from this split?  The short answer is: we're not exactly sure.

While the counties pushing for secession would have better representation in their own state government, some say the new state of "North Colorado" would ultimately suffer economically.

In other words: further study is needed.

Check out this video for some more in-depth info on the secession initiative.  Do you think the counties should form their own state?