We all know there are those intersections and traffic lights around town that we try to avoid. Below are a list of our top five worst traffic lights and intersections in Fort Collins.

  • Prospect & College

    It seems no matter what side of the intersection you are stopped at here, the red lights are just too long and the turn signals are just a little to short. There are train tracks on the west side of the intersection, so if there is a train going through, it just gets worse.

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  • Mulberry & Timberline

    Another intersection where the traffic is just congested in all directions not matter how long or short the red lights are, we try to avoid this one too.

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  • Harmony & Timberline

    Traffic volume on Harmony with 6 lanes of vehicles, seems to be the issue here.

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  • Prospect & Timberline

    Another one, just down the road a few miles from Harmony & Timberline, this is another intersection that has long red lights and short turn signal lights. It's no fun to be the car that gets the yellow light when your next to turn.

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  • College & Harmony

    This intersection has been modified in the last couple of years and I have to say it is greatly improved for traffic flow, but it still makes our list of the top five worst intersections and traffic lights in Fort Collins. Why? Mostly it is volume. I've heard this is the busiest intersections (at least for volume) on a daily basis in Fort Collins, and I'd have to say I still try to avoid it when possible.

    Station Staff, TRI-102.5